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Burgerman Brief: Evaluation

Jon Burgerman Evaluation

The brief that i was given was to create a range of 4 postcards inspired by the illustrative drawing style of the artist Jon Burgerman. The brief had to include research on Jon Burgerman, contact sheets on the four seasons in the year, initial ideas; four final postcards created in Photoshop and upload them to my blog.

The topics i had to research, were how Jon Burgerman used his doodles to produce some amazing artwork. i also had to research and find pictures that were associated with each of the four seasons; summer, winter, spring and autumn. After we had found these pictures, we had to create contact sheets for them. To create these contact sheets i had to sort out the pictures in to folders in season order. Then inside Photoshop we press File>Automate> Contact Sheet. By doing this, Photoshop created the contact sheet and situated the photos in order. The reason I presented it like this was because it shows all the pictures equally.

I took inspiration for these postcards from an artist called Jon Burgerman. I looked at how the cartoons were laid out. Before I started I drew a few designs to start off with, then started to do proper designs. with my intial ideas i started to do quick doodle but they didnt come out how i wanted them to and plus they didn’t really look like jon burgermans style of drawing. because of this i decided to take more time on drawing them into the style of burgerman. i used smooth line rather than using lots of sharp edges or corners in the doodles. after i had chosen the drawings i wanted to use, i went over them in marker pens to make them stand out more and also so it is easier for the scanner to recognise the lines i drew and copy the exact picture on to the mac.

To scan the drawings on I connected the scanner to the mac and opened photoshop and clicked on import via scan. Then i adjusted the setting to make it fit and pressed scan. To import the background I took a picture with the camera and copied it into photoshop and made a new layer and copied the picture in. then I used the pen and path to tool colour the drawings. by using the pen and path tool it was easier to colour in each section of the drawing more accurately. at first it was hard to use the pen and path tool because it was hard to make all the curves on the picture, but i got used to it and i think the colours came out great in contrast with the black outline of the drawings.

after this i copied and pasted the layer of the doodles on to a new layer in another psd. document over the top of the photos i had taken before of kingston college and positioned them in a way to reflect the background.

In conclusion, i really liked the project and the style of Jon Burgerman. the design that i did, i thought it was good but if i had to do it again i would include more things to make the postcard more lively.

Burgerman Brief: Final Postcards

Burgerma Brief: Research