My Usb Camera Design

I used an application on my iMac called Maya to make this.

First I created a new construction plane and on this construction plane I made a cuboid to start with. then I made a cylinder on another construction plane to make the lens.

After this I then rotated the cylinder 90 degrees and attached it to the cuboid construction plane. I repeated this a few times to build up the look of the lens.

To make the viewfinder at the top of the camera i constructed a new plane and attached it to the top of the camera. On this plane I created another cylinder and placed it half inside the camera and half out so it looks like a semi cylinder.

To make the red light on the front of the camera I created a new construction plane and made a ‘polygonal torus’ and inserted it into the top right hand corner of the front of the camera. After this I then started to make the actual red light that ‘sits’ in the ‘polygonal torus’. I made a small sphere and implanted it inside the ‘torus’ shape.

After I had made the main structure of the camera and laid out how the camera would look, i had to think of the materials to be used. the brief that i got said that the usb had to have uni sex colours. The two stereotypical colour that first came to mind when thinking about both boys and girls were ‘blue and pink’. So I decided to use these colours.

To apply a material I clicked on the hypershade/perspective panel and choose my material. Then I edited it to which colour that I wanted. Then I right clicked on the edited material and press on ‘assign to selected polygon.

I repeated this a few times and ended up with my final design…

After I had made the virtual model of the camera on maya I then wanted to show how the usb was used in a computer.
this is show in more detail in the last three pictures to the left hand side.

To show how the usb fitted into a laptop/Pc I had to create the Laptop. Firstly I constructed a new plane, then I made a new cuboid and duplicated it. with the duplicated cuboid I rotated it 90 degrees and placed it perpendicular to the previously made cuboid to make the laptop screen.

To make each key on the keyboard I create yet another cube and placed half in the first cuboid and half out to make it look like a key. then i copid and pasted lots more and placed them next to each other to make up the full keyboard.

finally I imported just the lens from the camera I made earlier and attached it to the side of the laptop.

Hope you like it… 😀


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