Chess: Evaluation

The brief that I was given was to create an animation about chess to advertise the game of chess in a tube station when going down an escalator. The brief had to include research on the game of chess, research sheets on three different artists, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Peter Blake. These research sheets had to be made on Photoshop and uploaded to my blog.

To make the research sheets I used a template, which was split, into three sections that were split horizontally. On each of the three sections I talked about were they grow up and how they got to where they are today. I also showed a few examples of their work. The reason I researched these artists was because they all used bright and vivid colours in their work. To import the pictures I found the pictures on the Internet using google as my search engine. After I found these pictures I dragged them into photoshop and placed them where I wanted them. I used the guides in photoshop to position the photos in the correct place.

After my research I found a picture from each artist. After this, I used each picture and copied them in my own style. Then I used one artist to take inspiration from for my final poster.

I took inspiration from an artist called Peter Blake. I looked at how the letters were positioned. I liked the way the letters were different colours. Knowing this I now wanted to include writing in m final poster. Using my research on the chess piece I used an outline of a rook for my base of the poster.

My first idea was to make the chess piece appear as if they were brush strokes on the page. the reason i didn’t put this idea forward was because i could not make the brush strokes the way i wanted to on photoshop. knowing this i now started to redesign a new advert.

When I started to make this on photoshop I used and out of a rook that I made with the pen and path tool. I then typed up lots of writing to do with chess and placed it in a new layer. After this I made a selection using the pen and path tool on the writing layer and then I inversed the selection so that everything was selected except the selection of the path. Using the eraser I erased all of the selection so that all that was left was the writing inside the selection. I used the same technique to do the writing at the top of the poster.

To make all four posters I changed the colour of the background so that there was contrast of the colours match. Now for the animation. To do this I used the marquee tool to select each letter and made each letter a new layer. Now I could made each letter appear at a certain time. After making each layer I positioned each letter on different frames on the animation window.

In conclusion I think that my animation is well made and designed but if I could do it again I would take more time on developing my ideas.


Chess: Final Chess Animation

Chess: Posters