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The brief that I was given was to produce two boxes. Each boxes will based on a different place visited in the past and one box based on Kingston. First I researched Kingston I went to the riverside to take pictures of the wildlife to use as research. For the place of interest I used photos that I took a year ago from when I went to turkey.
The artist I researched was called Gilbert and George. I liked their artwork but some of their artwork is quite abstract and doesn’t really show anything. I also liked the way they used bright colours and contrast it with the black and white background.

After we had found these pictures, we had to create contact sheets for them. To create these contact sheets I had to sort out the pictures in to folders in season order. Then inside Photoshop we press File>Automate> Contact Sheet. By doing this, Photoshop created the contact sheet and situated the photos in order. The reason I presented it like this was because it shows all the pictures equally. To make the themed contact sheet I downloaded a template from kc3d and positioned my photos to where I wanted them.
When I first tried to make the dragonfly box I found it hard to figure out how all the faces fitted together and how to position the photo on the whole box. I found a way around this by doing trial and error and I was happy with my final outcome. Knowing this I then used a picture of a flower from Kingston and did the same procedure and I was also happy with the final outcome.

Then I had to do the gradient mapping so that my pictures reflected the style and artwork of Gilbert and George. To do this I used the pen and path tool to select the section of the picture I want to gradient map and then I right clicked on the path and stroked the path. Then I went up to adjustments and then selected gradient mapping and chose my colour and clicked ok.
In conclusion I am happy with how both boxes have turned out. I enjoying using gradient mapping. If I had to do it again I would chose a harder picture and improve my skills.

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